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IR CLASSMATE Infra Red Classroom Soundfield Systems

IR Classmate+ with SwiftTX pendant microphone kits
IR Classmate+ with SwiftTX pendant microphone kits
IR Classmate+ with Remote Volume Control and SwiftTX transmitter
Spares and accessories for use with IR Classmate & IRR-40P Soundfields
Spares and accessories for use with IR Classmate & IRR-40P Soundfields
Spares and accessories for IR Classmate & IRR-40P classroom soundfield systems.

The IR CLASSMATE soundfield system is a natural choice for large site mainstream school soundfield installations. Infra red systems have the advantage of requiring no radio frequency or channel planning. As the infra red signals are kept within the classroom walls there is literally no technical limit to the number of systems which may be installed on a school site.

IR classmate wall unit

The infra red receiver/amplifier is fitted in a secure wall mounted box similar to the fmGenie Diversity.

The IR CLASSMATE will drive up to 6 speakers, an output to external equipment and treble & basstone controls. The IR Classmate also has the same feedback control circuit as the fmGenie Diversity and the whole system provides a clear and natural listening experience. A collarworn microphone is supplied as standard with the IR CLASSMATE beltpack transmitter; an additional handheld microphone for class member participation is available as an optional extra.

IR Classmate wall mounted unit: Dimensions: 260 x 285 x 135mm.

Inputs:The IR CLASSMATE has a 2 channel IR receiver for receiving two separate infra red transmitters simultaneously typically a collarworn one for the teacher and a hand held one for class participation. There are also 2 stereo inputs for multimedia, TV, CD etc. plus 1 input for a wired microphone, giving 5 inputs in total each with their own volume control.

IR Classmate control panel

Outputs:Twin auxiliary output. Users of personal fm radio systems can rebroadcast the classroom sound directly to their own receiver by connecting their own transmitter to the aux o/p. The benefit is that the personal fm user hears the overall mixed sound including the class input & multimedia etc.
Note: Infra red systems work well in the majority of classrooms however as glass does not reflect the infra red signals well, an fmGenie Diversity is recommended for classrooms with large areas of window.

IR Classmate connectors

Other relevant questions:

Are there any security issues?
It is difficult for us to categorise schools into fixed slots as each have their own individual requirements but the bottom line is if you are worried that equipment is likely to go AWOL then the secure  IR Classmateis the ideal choice!

Number of speakers?
The IR Classmate system will drive 4 or 6 speakers as required, depending on the size or layout of the classroom.

Is the soundfield for general mainstream use?
(rather than to cater for hearing aid users). If yes, all systems are suitable, however we'd recommend the IR Classmate.


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