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Suggested School Hall Soundfield packages

The school hall is usually a focal point in the life of a school. It is used daily for lessons and assemblies and throughout the year for important events such as plays, concerts and open days.

With a Connevans Hall Sound system, everyone in the school hall - teachers, students, parents and guests - will hear clearly, giving you a clear advantage!

  • Everyone in the hall will be able to hear the person presenting...all of the time
  • To make the most of the hours of preparation for assemblies put in by staff and children
  • Great sound will impress parents, prospective parents and visitors at school events
  • To encourage participation from even the shyest children in performances

For a hall of up to 15m x 20m we would suggest 6 speakers and for a hall of up to 18m x 25m we would advise 8 speakers. Our hall sound field systems and all come with a combination of collarworn and handheld radio mic. transmitters, the collarworn transmitter would normally be used by the person doing a presentation with the handheld microphone for use by guests or for questions from the floor. We are able to tailor systems to suit individual requirements but the three standard packages below will cover many peoples needs.

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The wall mount 19" rack mount cupboards that we supply have removable side panels for ease of maintenance. Additionally the door can be removed, especially good for an intensive session of use.

What is a 19" 12U?
19 rack units are an industry standard racking system you get no bonus points for understanding that the equipment panel mounting width is 19. The capacity or height is measured in U units (1U is 1 3/ 4 inches). Therefore a 12U rackmount unit has panel height of 21 inches.

Additional microphones with a SYS10 system
Note ** The S4.04 UHF radio microphones supplied with a SYS10 can work together with a group maximum of 4 (with no licence required). Should you anticipate requiring more than a total of 4 radio microphones in the future we would need to supply higher cost S4.10 units which have a group capability of 10. Using 10 radio microphones would require a licence and a second mixer unit. 


Free Soundfield visit for every UK school
If you are considering installing a Soundfield system in your school hall and would like advice from the experts, please just let us know and we will be delighted to help.

We can come to your school at a time to suit you, look at the hall, discuss your requirements and plan a system to suit you.  (We promise we are not ‘pushy sales people’!)

To arrange a free Soundfield visit for your school, please just email our Director Phil Boswell and leave the rest to us!


SYS10 6 speaker School sound system for speech and music
Complete 6 wall speaker system suitable for speech, music and drama. Multi channel audio mixer amplifier and 8 wall speakers....

(£2,518.00 ex VAT) Part no: 4016BA011
SYS20 series Installed wall mounted sound system suitable for speech and general music
Wall mounted system suitable for speech, classical music and school plays. Equipment is fitted in smart 12U lockable wall...

(£3,160.00 ex VAT) Part no: 402
SYS26 Installed wall mounted sound system with... 4 radio microphones and a CD/USB player
Wall mounted 6 speaker system - contents as per SYS26 but with a CD/USB memory stick player and a total of 4 radio microphones....

(£4,158.00 ex VAT) Part no: 4026BED022?
SYS30 series Installed enhanced sound system for more flexible use and with 4 radio mics
Wall mounted system with higher specification and sound quality JBL control 5 speakers for excellent speech reproduction...

(£4,630.00 ex VAT) Part no: 40SYS3


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