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SYS30 series Installed enhanced sound system for more flexible use and with 4 radio mics


SYS30 series Installed enhanced sound system for more flexible use and with 4 radio mics


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This package offers higher specification and sound quality JBL control 5 speakers for excellent speech reproduction and music to disco level.

A wall mounted system including 4 UHF radio microphones, a CD/USB memory stick player all fitted in 15U cabinet.


For greater flexibility than the SYS10 or entry-level SYS20 systems, this package includes 4 UHF radio microphones and the connection for a Connevans transmitter to rebroadcast the mixed sound.  This package offers better sound using bigger high quality speakers that can provide a greater volume. This standard package includes a single deck CD/USB memory stick player (can be up-graded to twin-deck), the equipment is installed in a 15U rack mount wall unit and is suitable for music up to 'Disco' level.

SYS34 - For a hall of up to 15 x 20 metres: 4 speakers are required
SYS36 - For a hall of up to 18 x 25 metres: 6 speakers are required

SYS38 - For a hall of up to 20 x 30 metres: 8 speakers are required   


Lockable wall mounted 15U 19" rack mount unit with 2U drawer,
Storage shelf,
4 x UHF radio microphones (2 headworn microphones, 2 handheld),
2 x boom microphone stands,
1 x amplifier,
1 x mixer, 1 x patch panel
1 x combined CD/USB memory stick player,
wall mounted JBL Control 5 speakers (4, 6 or 8, please choose above),
Cable, Connecting leads,
8 x rechargeable PP3 batteries,
1 x intelligent quad PP3charger,
1 x Connevans radio aid connection pack
& Installation - see notes on Details tab.

The 8 speaker system can also be used as two 4 speaker grouped to cover two areas, such as dividable halls, with separate volume control for each area.

The mixer in the SYS30 series is the same as supplied with the SYS20 series and has 6 inputs (all accepting either balanced mic or aux or stereo line aux inputs for TV, CD etc.). Channels 1-4 are used for the radio microphones, channel 5 for the CD/USB and channel six is available as an 'AUX IN' through a pair of RCA Phono sockets for an external audio input (E.g. from a laptop or VHS/DVD player). There is a 3 way equaliser for overall tone adjustment. The 19" rack unit has spare capacity to accept additional radio microphones and/or CD player etc (see Optional add-ons to fixed hall systems ).

Speaker dimensions: 387 x 251 x 225mm


Free Soundfield visit for every UK school
If you are considering installing a Soundfield system in your school hall and would like advice from the experts, please just let us know and we will be delighted to help.

We can come to your school at a time to suit you, look at the hall, discuss your requirements and plan a system to suit you.  (We promise we are not ‘pushy sales people’!)

To arrange a free Soundfield visit for your school, please just email our Director Phil Boswell and leave the rest to us! 



SYS30 series Installation notes
Note 1. The package price includes installation but does not include alteration to mains wiring. i.e. there needs to be 2 switched double 13Amp sockets adjacent to where the rack mount wall unit is to be installed. The wall unit requires sturdy wall fixing and thoughtful and safe siting so that people will not walk into it but so that it is still convienent to to operate. Please talk with us should you be aware of any potential problems so that we may tailor a package and installation accordingly.

Note 2. For health and safety reasons, a safe scaffold tower is required during installation. Many halls already have a suitable tower for changing light bulbs and routine maintenance ‒ if an appropriate height tower is not available there is an additional charge for providing one.

Note 3. Clear site access required from 8am to 6pm with power available. Please ensure that items such as gym equipment or temporary staging have been cleared away prior to the day of installation. Unfortunately, time is money and an additional charge will be made if our installers have delayed access or are asked to clear the hall for lunch!


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